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Quality stroller, cribs, fashion - Shipped from Germany
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Leipold baby from Germany

Leipold GermanyLeipold cribs and bedding sets

Leipold is a traditional german producer of handmade baby cradles, cribs, moses baskets and bedding accessories.

taxfree shopping in germany
Delivery to USA, Russia, UK, Dubai, China, ... ? We ship WORLDWIDE !

Cribs, cradles and bassinets

For every taste and circumstances, Leipold has the right sleeping option for the newborn.

Crib with veil

Leipold crib with veil white

Easily slidable by plastic wheels

Crib with hood

Leipold crib with hood white

With big wooden wheels

Nostalgic cradle

Nostalgic cradle

With elegant long draping

More ➥ Hanging basket, Palm moses basket, Cradle

Bedding sets

Single textiles bedding sets for cribs, cots and cradles in graceful designs.

Bedding set for cot

bedding set for cot

Veil, nest and bed linen

Draping for veil crib

Draping for crib with veil

Including nest and veil

Draping for hood crib

Draping for crib with hood and big wheels

Including nest and hood

Spare parts & components

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