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German made stroller

Best quality stroller & prams

Find the best of 'german engineering art': The highlights of german strollers with low prices and including an highly engineered sleeping bag for free with delivery to more than 220 countries.

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Delivery to USA, Russia, UK, Dubai, China, ... ? We ship WORLDWIDE !

Different types

There are 2 basic types of stroller in germany: with carrycot and without carrycot. The advantage of the carrycot is the ability to take out the sleeping baby out of the stroller and carry it - with help of the handles - for example into the house.

without carrycot

Stroller without carrycot

with carrycot

Stroller with carrycot

The baby sleeps in a warm, cozy nest with 2 handles for easy carrying.


There are different wheel systems, depending on usage. For walks on forest paths and dirt roads, a stroller with 4 large wheels is recommended. In the city and during shopping trips, an agile stroller makes sense, which is light and easy to steer. For that cases we recommend 2 swiveling front wheels.

2 fixed large front wheels

Stroller with big wheels

Perfect for the open country - solid and stable driving in all types of terrain

2 small swiveling front wheels

Stroller with small wheels

Easy, light and smooth navigation in the city and the shopping center.

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