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Dili best from Italy

Dili Best

Luxury and adorable furnishing for babys crib and nursery with nice baskets, cuddly blankets and much more.

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The brand

Dili best is a brand of italian manufacturer Picci and counts more than 5 very beautiful series of baby equipment in a combination of modernity and tradition. Besides soft blankets and changing pads there are elegant fornitures like baby beds, cots, cibs and changing tables too. Since 2016 you can find changing bags "Mummy Bags" in en elegant-classic look.

The store

We are an official partner of Dili best with the complete list of products such as Mummy Bags, fornitures and textiles in the current collections. Our worldwide shipping with fast and secure delivery service leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

The current collection by Dili best

Urban smile aqua

Dili best Urban smile aqua

Urban smile gray asphalt

Dili best Urban smile gray asphalt

Urban smile rose mallow

Dili best Urban smile rose mallow

Mousse cream-ecru

Dili best Mousse cream-ecru

Mousse mint green

Dili best Mousse mint green

Mousse pale pink

Dili best Mousse pale pink

Matisse pearl grey

Dili best Matisse pearl grey

Matisse cream-ecru

Dili best Matisse cream-ecru

Miro brown

Dili best Miro brown

Miro total white

Dili best Miro total white

Coffee white/dove grey

Dili best Coffee white/dove grey

Mummy Bags by Dili best

Mummy Bag white

Dili best Mummy Bag white

Mummy Bag grey

Dili best Mummy Bag grey

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