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World Babyshop
Quality stroller, cribs, fashion - Shipped from Germany
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Fast and easy shipping from Germany to USA

With DHL we have the perfect requirements to deliver our stroller, cribs and other Made in Germany baby products very fast to each Federal State in United States of America.

5 to 10 days shipping time     Priority shipping via airplane     Fast and safe processing     Online tracking

Our delivery partner

Delivery is made by United States Postal Service (USPS) with delivery attempts from Monday to Saturday. The delivery partner performs 3 delivery attempts at the recipient address. If this is unsuccessful, the consignment can be collected at a store.

Shipping conditions

Costs Shipping time VAT Customs duty
29,95 EUR 1
= 36,88 USD [0% VAT]
5 - 7 working days Taxfree 2 No 3

1 including customs duty
2 you have to pay VAT in accordance with your local conditions after delivery
3 included in shipping costs


Paypal Visa MasterCard
US Yes Yes Yes


There is a guarantee time of 2 years for all products.

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